Frequently Asked Nature Questions

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Nature runs in cycles, prompting new questions from our customers with each change in the cycle. Here are the most common questions we are currently being asked about the birds in our area. Stop in and see us for any other question you may have about your backyard birds.

June's FAQs

How Do I Attract Orioles?

How Do I Attract Hummingbirds?

How Do I Attract Rose-breasted Grosbeaks?

How Do I Attract Bluebirds?

How Do I Attract Goldfinches?

Why Do Migrating Birds Call at Night?

How Can I Discourage Grackles and Starlings from My Feeders?

How Can I Help Nesting Birds?

Can I Offer Lint As Nesting Material?

Why Do Birds Need Calcium?

A Cardinal/Robin/other bird Is Attacking My Window - What Do I Do?

How Can I Prevent Birds from Colliding with My Windows?

Is It Okay to Feed Bread to the Birds?