Store Temporarily Closed

Dear Customer,

As the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) unfolds, we want you to know that the well-being of our customers and staff members is our top priority. We are temporarily closed, however we ask that seed storage customers or anyone with a question to please call our store at 814-838-5145 and leave a message on our answering machine; we're checking those messages daily and will get back to you. We will post here and on our Facebook page as soon as we are able to resume more normal operations.

Thank you for your continued support!

Stay safe and healthy over the coming days and be extra kind to one another!


Cheryl & Frank Zalik, STORE OWNERS

3... 2... 1...
The countdown is on - get ready for the return of hummingbirds, orioles, grosbeaks, wrens, catbirds, and so much more!

Did you know that over 200 species of North American birds spend their winters in the tropics? Known as Neotropical migrants, this diverse group includes hawks, shorebirds, swifts, swallows, hummingbirds, flycatchers, vireos, wrens, warblers, orioles, grosbeaks, tanagers, and more. Many of these birds migrate through our area. Some will stop for a short rest before continuing north, while others will stay here to breed in the summer. We celebrate their return every spring as they fill our yards and parks with color and song.

These migratory birds face numerous human created challenges on this dangerous annual migration. Please take a moment to let your representatives know that you support protections for these beautiful migratory birds by supporting the Migratory Bird Protection Act. Other easy ways to support these birds include keeping cats indoors, creating bird safe windows, reducing light pollution at night, and choosing Bird Friendly coffee.

Want to know when to put out your hummingbird & oriole feeders this year and what to feed them? Check out this month's Nature Questions for the latest information!