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We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Erie, Pennsylvania

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Finch Feeders

Finch Feeders are designed to hold the fine Nyjer Thistle seed that is attractive to our native finches.  The American Goldfinch and the House Finch are our most common visitors to these feeders, although we may see Purple Finches in the spring and fall, and Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls during some of our winters.  Finches prefer fresh seed - Nyjer Thistle seed should be changed out of the feeders every 4 weeks - so it is best to start with a smaller feeder to minimize waste.  Here are some examples of the finch feeders that we carry.  Stop in today to see our full selection!


WBU Quick-Clean Finch FeederWBU Quick-Clean™ FinchQuick Clean Bottom

Our Quick-Clean™ Finch Feeders are designed to make life a little simpler for your birds and you. The reinforced metal feed ports make it easy for finches to dine on Nyjer® (thistle), while the removable base makes cleaning a breeze. These feeders are backed by a lifetime guarantee that includes squirrel and raccoon damage. We also offer a variety of accessories including trays and weather guards.

Available in the following sizes:

Small  (Perches: 6  Capacity: 0.75 qts)
Medium  (Perches: 8  Capacity: 1.25 qts)
Large (Perches: 10  Capacity: 1.75 qts)


Mesh Finch FeedersMesh Finch Feeders

Our Mesh Finch Feeder is a finch fiesta just waiting to happen. The mesh tube not only lets finches land and feed in whatever position they choose, but it also allows air circulation to keep your Nyjer as dry and fresh as possible, something that's very important to our picky eaters.  It's easy to fill and hang and is backed with a lifetime guarantee. 

WBU Small Yellow Mesh Feeder:  Capacity:  0.75 qts
WBU Copper Mesh Finch Feeder:  Capacity 1.25 qts


Thistle SockWBU Thistle Socks

Who would have thought a mesh bag would make such a fun finch feeder? Just add Nyjer® (thistle) and watch the finches fly!  Like our hard mesh feeders, finches can land and feed in whatever position they choose.  The mesh bag allows air circulation to keep your Nyjer as dry and fresh as possible, something that's very important to our picky eaters.  It's easy to hang, easy to fill, and a real value. Add one or two to your yard today.


Upside-Down Thistle TubesUpside-Down Finch Feeders

Upside-Down Finch Feeders make your finches flip for their meal!  Seed ports are located underneath the perches, so finches must hang upside-down to eat.  Upside-Down Finch Feeders are designed to feed Goldfinches exclusively, which have no problem clinging while they eat.

Perches: 6  Capacity:  approx 1.5 qts


Weather Guard on Finch FeederWeather Guard

Add a WBU Weather Guard to our seed, tube, finch and peanut feeders to protect the food and birds from inclement weather. It has a lifetime guarantee and is easy to install.


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