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Splish, Splash - Give 'em a Bath!

Blue Jay in waterProvide the birds with water and watch them come flocking to your yard!  Birds need water both for drinking and to keep their feathers clean.  Birds that normally do not visit feeders will stop to drink and bathe.  By offering water, you can attract a wider variety of birds to your yard!

The easiest way to provide water is with a birdbathWe carry birdbaths in assorted styles, sizes, colors, and materials.

Already have a birdbath?  Consider adding motion with one of our waterfall rocks.

Misters are a great way to offer water to the birds without using a bath; humminbirds especially love to bathe by flying through the fine spray of water.

We invite you to stop in today to view all our options for offering water to your birds.

At Wild Birds Unlimited, we aren't just a birdseed store.  We are Your Backyard Birdfeeding Specialist®, here to help bring you, your family, and nature together.

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